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Easy Way to Improve Your Vision - Fixing Dry Eyes

Posted by Mital Patel on

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There is hope to improve your worsening vision as you age!  You might feel your eyes are itchy, dry, and it even may feel like you have something in your eye that you can never seem to get out.  As you age, your eyes lose their natural lubrication and this can deteriorate your vision. Plus, your vision can get worse, depending on your hormones, diet, and your environment, That’s why your dry eyes can get aggravated during different parts of the day.  

Another tell tale sign is that your contacts dry out at the end of the day. Taking out your contacts should feel like peeling off a sticker. If you have any of these symptoms, then it’s no wonder that your vision has been getting blurry and uncomfortable.  And, it’s important to note that many patients don’t even notice the symptoms except for the blurry vision. So, if your vision is inconsistent and gets blurrier at times you may have dry eyes and not even know it.

Good news is that you can improve your vision simply by treating your dry eyes!  

First, let’s talk about what exactly is causing the problem. The biggest reason for dry eyes is inflammation of your eye and eyelids which reduces production of natural oils and tears for your eyes.  

Fixing your vision struggles can be as simple  as fixing your dry eye problem! There are many possible solutions, some are more long lasting than others.

1) For quick relief, natural tears that you can get over the counter work. This, of course, is only a temporary fix. Eye drops don’t solve the cause of the problem - inflammation.
For longer relief you can get natural tears specifically formulated for dry eyes, like Retaine, which is found at our online store.

2) Diet can also improve your dry eyes. Add in Omega 3 vitamins with lutein and zeaxanthin supplements. These have been shown to help with dry eyes. You can grab a yourself a bottle here.  It can take a bit longer to get relief but the relief is more sustainable than the drops.

3) Sometimes cleaning your lids is what you need and you can pick up over the counter lid scrubs that will exfoliate and clean your eye lids to help with your dry eye.  You can pick up daily lid scrubs here

4) See your Optometrist if your conditions continue to get worse and they can give you a custom plan and solution for your condition.


    If you buy the retain, fish oil, and lid scrubs in a package you can save 10% when you guy all three (It's a 1 month supply).