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See Better

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See Better

You don't see with your eyes.  You see with your brain!  Your eyes are your window to the world.  Your brain is great at putting together the limited information your eyes take in.  Because it's not perfect sometimes it can make mistakes.

optical illusion

If you are like most people the disc that is moving faster is the one that you aren't looking at!  An in reality nothing is moving  at all in these pictures.

Your brain will also interpret images based on previous experiences.

Do you see a Duck or a Rabbit?

duck rabbit optical illusion

If you go from left to right you see the bill of the duck, then the eye of the duck and then the back of the head.  If you go from right to left you see the mouth of the rabbit, the eye of the rabbit and then the years of the rabbit (they are tilted back).

Sometimes what you see is all about perspective.  Since you see with your brain, what you focus on is what you tend to see.  This site is dedicated to all things to help you see better.  Since I'm an optometrist we'll cover everything you need to know about how to keep your eyes seeing great and healthy for your whole life.  I'll also throw in some positive stories that you may not have seen to "see better" in the world around us.  

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