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10 Remedies to Fix the Feeling of Having Something Stuck in Your Eyes

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10 remedies for dry eyes

You feel your eyes has something in it but you can't seem to get it out!  It's an uncomfortable problem that just won't go away!  On top of that you might be sensitive to the sun and can't seem to keep your eyes open.  

You've had this problem for such a long time you may think that you can't fix it.  Or you recently have been having this problem and have no idea what's causing it.

It feels so irritating that it gets in the way of day to day life.  You tried some eye drops and it doesn't seem to really work and now you don't really know what to do.

Good news is that it's fixable.  You have dry eyes!  Imagine feeling the relief of having refreshed eyes all day long!  

  1. 1) Makeup can cause irritation to your dry eyes.  Good news is that you can do several things to help limit the issue. You'll want to make sure you are properly removing all make up at night before you go to bed.  Don't use make up past it's expiration date.  Apply outside the lash lines.  This way you can avoid getting make up on your oil glands that keep your eyes hydrated.  Consider using a different type of make up.  Using thickening mascara instead of waterproof or lash lengthening mascara.  The thickening mascara is less likely to flake into your eyes.
  2. 2) Contacts can also irritate your eyes.  If you wear your contacts longer than recommended or even over night that can irritate your dry eyes.  Daily contacts are the best option for keeping your eyes hydrated especially if you have dry eyes.  
  3. 3) Omega 3 along with Lutein and Zeaxanthin has been shown to reduce dry eyes in studies.  It also helps with other eye health conditions like macular degeneration and cataracts.  
  4. 4) Humidifiers can help you keep your eyes hydrated especially in the winter months.  Having one for home and work will be helpful.  You can pick up a good humidifier from your local department store.
  5. 5) Specialized dry eye drops will help your eyes. You'll want to be sure they are formulated for dry eyes like Retaine.  
  6. 6) Using lid scrubs to clean your eye lids and can be used daily.  Just like a daily face wash this helps clean out any build up that might happen over the day and helps to alleviate dry eyes.
  7. 7) Being on the computer increases dry eye issues.  The reason is that you don't blink as much when you're on the computer.  What our doctors recommend is for every 25 minutes on a screen take a 5 minute break. 
  8. 8) Warm compresses help break up the clogs in your oil glands in your eyes.  You'll want to use a warm compress that you can hold comfortably and it can be wet or dry.  Use it for up to 10 minutes and do it for 2-4 times a day.
  9. 9) Eating vegetables that are high in fiber have been shown to help with dry eyes.  Eating that salad can help your eyes and as a bonus your waistline as well.
  10. 10) If the previous solutions aren't good enough your dry eyes will need professional help.  Schedule an appointment with your optometrist or ophthalmologists because they can create a custom plan with more powerful treatments.  This can be special treatments and/or medication. 

At our clinic we've seen most patients get good results with the fish oil, lid scrubs, and the specialized eye drops.  You can pick up a 30 days supply of all three and save 10%.



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