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Why Do I See Worse at Night

Posted by Mital Patel on

bad night vision

Does driving at night make you a bit more nervous or uncomfortable than it should? Do you feel like you can’t see clearly at night so the drive is a bit more stressful?   Of course, you don’t want to become one of those “old” folks who don’t drive as much (or anymore) because you can’t see  well.  Good news! The problem might be fixable and you can comfortably drive at night again!

There are 3 types of night vision issues that are treatable:

  1. Astigmatism
  2. Dry Eyes
  3. Tired Eyes


The Problem: Astigmatism is when your eye shape is more pointed than round.  It makes lights look like there is a halo or streak.  Every headlight looks like a shooting star that’s coming your way.  Below on the left is astigmatism that is corrected with out special coatings on the lens and the right is after the coatings.

astigmatism vs. correction

The Fix:  Glasses or contacts that correct your astigmatism.  Glasses specifically with Anti-Glare coating helps reduce it.  Sometimes Lasik can correct astigmatism.  

Dry Eyes

The Problem: Dry Eyes irritate your eye ball.  By the end of the day it can irritate it so much that it makes your vision look blurry.  Plus if you have dry eyes it’ll probably feel really uncomfortable by the end of the day.  It might feel like you have something in your eyes that you can’t get out.  It could also feel like you want to scratch your eyes all the time.  Another sign is if you are a contact lens wearer who has sticky contacts that get blurry by the end of the day.

The Fix:  Good news is that you have many options!  You can use an at home remedies that include: humidifier, drinking plenty of water, taking fish oil, eating more vegetables, blink more, use screens like your phone less, use lid scrubs, or use special artificial tears.  You can pick up a pack of supplements that will help right here.  You can also see a professional like your Optometrist and they can treat for more severe dry eyes that you can’t fix with the at home remedies.

Tired Eyes

The Problem: You’re eyes just get tired throughout the day.  You are on the computer and phone for hours a day. We actually  blink less while staring at these screens which makes it harder for  our eyes to focus.  Over time this can really wear your eyes out.  Your vision gets worse at night because everything looks a little out of focus.

The Fix:  The easiest way is to try to use less computer time.  One way is the schedule a 5 minute break for every 25 minutes of computer or phone use.  Another way is the get proper nutrition and rest.  Your eye muscles are like other muscles in your body and can get tired.

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